Remote Controls
1-, 2-, 3- and 4-Button Security+ Remotes (models 971LM, 972LM, 973LM and 974LM)
3-Button Mini Security+ Remote (model 970LM)
1-, 2-, 3- and 4-Button Billion Code Remotes (models 81LM, 82LM, 83LM and 84LM)
1-, 2- and 3-Button Digital Remotes (models 61LM, 62LM and 63LM)

Single-, Two- and Four-Channel Delta 3 Transmitters (models DT, DT2A and DT3+1)
Single-Channel Delta 3 Mini Transmitter (model Mini-T)
Single-, Two- and Four-Channel Multi-Code Transmitters (models 3089, 4120 and 4140)
Single- and Two-Channel Mini-Code Transmitters(models 3060 and 3083)

1-Button Genie Transmitter (model GT912-BX)

Keyless Entries
Security+ Wireless Keyless Entry (model 976LM)
Billion Code Wireless Keyless Entry (model 66LM)

Delta 3 Digital Keyless Entry (model DTKP)
Multi-Code Digital and Hard-Wired Keyless Entry (models 4200 and 4100)

Genie Pro Wireless Keyless Entry (model GPWK)

Reciever Units
Security+ Reciever Unit (model 535LM)
Security+ Reciever with 1 model 971LM Remote (model 535-1LM)
Security+ Reciever with 2 model 971LM Remotes (model 535-2LM)

Multi-Code Reciever Unit (model 1090)
Multi-Code Reciever with 1 model 3089 Transmitter (model 1090 Single)
Multi-Code Reciever with 2 model 3089 Transmitters (model 1090 Double)

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