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Tips for Making Your Garage Door Opener More Quietly

August 15, 2019

There’s little worse than hearing the shrill squeaking or loud thudding of a garage door opening—especially late at night or early in the morning. And, because of how complex garage door systems can be, it’s not always easy to tell what is causing the loud noises every time your garage door opens and closes. An extremely noisy garage door opener isn’t normal. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can attempt to make your garage door opener operate more quietly on your own. If these don’t bring you the results you want, you may need to consult a professional about... View Article

How Long Does Garage Door Installation Take?

July 25, 2019

After you have selected your new garage door, your next step is determining when to have it installed. To make sure you are able to schedule the most convenient time for your installation, it will be helpful to know how much time you will need to set aside that day. Fortunately, your local garage door repair company in Nampa, ID is here to give you an idea of how long your brand-new installation or garage door replacement might take. New installation The size of the garage door you have selected will be one of the largest determining factors in how... View Article

Can I Complete Garage Door Repairs in Nampa, ID on My Own?

July 11, 2019

There are many moving parts in a garage door suspension system, and if any one of these parts malfunctions, the operation of the door could be inhibited. When you need the door up and running again as quickly as possible, you may be tempted to tackle the repairs on your own. Although you might normally be quite adept at DIY projects around your home, garage door repair in Nampa, ID can be quite complex, and often even dangerous. Here are a few things to think about before you attempt garage door repairs on your own. Physical demands Replacing torsion springs... View Article

Garage Doors Throughout History

June 27, 2019

While today you might take your elegant, attractive garage door for granted, these noble features haven’t always been so effortlessly integrated into our homes. In fact, the advent of stylish garage doors is a fairly recent phenomenon. Up until about 50 years ago, garages were mostly small, detached structures, usually hosted alongside or behind homes. At this point in history, garage doors were seen more as a necessary, functional structure, rather than a way to accentuate your home’s aesthetic and décor. Today, many homes prominently incorporate large, attached two- or three-car garages in their front. Garages occupy a significant amount... View Article

How the Sun Eats Away at Your Garage Door

June 13, 2019

Summer is known as the season of home improvement—it’s the perfect time of year to invest in big, new changes for your living space. Whether you’re improving your front yard or slapping a new coat of paint on the walls, there’s no shortage of exciting projects to work on in the summer months. However, the summertime can also be hard on some of the most important components of your home, like your garage door. The sun can have an adverse impact on your garage door and its effectiveness, and intense summer storms may spell trouble for your garage’s exterior. If... View Article


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