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Anatomy Lesson of a Garage Door in Nampa, ID: The Brain

March 25, 2019

Your garage door system is a complex machine that’s made up of many different pieces that all must work in harmony for the door to function properly and safely. Though each component plays a vital role in opening and closing your garage door, its circuit board (also known as a logic board or “the brain”) is one of the most important parts. This post will cover what you need to know about “the brain” of your garage door in Nampa, ID, and what you need to do if it stops working! What does the circuit board do? The circuit board... View Article

The Growing Popularity of Contemporary Garage Door Designs

March 11, 2019

Installing a new garage door is a great way to add value to your home while also providing a fresh new look. One of the hot new trends nowadays is to install a contemporary looking door that turns heads and makes your home stand out from the crowd. But not all contemporary garage doors in Nampa, ID are created equal, and they’re not right for every home or every homeowner. Continue reading to learn more about this new style! Is a contemporary garage door right for my home? If you’re considering getting a new garage door in the near future,... View Article

The Importance of Photo Eye Sensors on Garage Doors

February 22, 2019

In our decades as a garage door service in Nampa, ID, we’ve installed and serviced more garage doors than we can count. One of the most common questions we face has to do with the photo eye sensor system and how it works to keep you safe. With that in mind, we’ve put this post together to teach you what photo eye sensors are, how they work and the most common issues with their maintenance. How photo eye sensors work Photo eye sensors sit at floor level and tell your garage door when something is beneath it. The way it... View Article

How to Protect Your Garage Door from High Winds

February 8, 2019

Garage doors are a nice modern convenience, but if you don’t protect and maintain them, they can be damaged by regular use and inclement weather. If you want to protect your home, you need a garage door that can stand up to the wind. In this post, we’ll give some good advice for reinforcing your garage door, and preparing for inclement weather to make sure your property stays safe. Reinforce your garage door, or install a windproof one Building codes account for local weather, so if you live somewhere very windy, you’re probably required to use a wind-reinforced garage door... View Article

Five Expert Tips for Installing Decorative Garage Door Hardware

January 18, 2019

What’s one thing that realtors, home builders and home buyers all agree on? If you want to maximize your property’s value, you need to focus on improving your home’s curb appeal. Sprucing up your garage door can add significant value to your home. In fact, a home’s value typically rises by 1 to 4 percent with the addition of a new garage door. However, replacing your garage door can be hard to justify, even with the added home value, if there is nothing operationally wrong with your door. However, there is a way you can get that new garage door... View Article


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