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How Might Garage Doors Change in the Coming Years?

May 9, 2019

In recent years, technological developments have transformed all kinds of products, and these changes will only become more and more dramatic as time goes on. Even something as basic as a garage door can be revolutionized with advanced technology and innovative design. There are some exciting things on the horizon for garage door technology that home and business owners can expect to see in the coming years. If you believe you’re in the market for garage door repair in Nampa, ID, read on to find out more about the future of garage doors—you might be able to take advantage of... View Article

The Largest Benefits of Regular Garage Door Repairs

April 19, 2019

As with most items in our lives, it’s clear that taking care of your garage door will save you a lot of money in the long run. Though you might resent pulling out your wallet for a repair, if you let a minor issue continue to develop into a major issue, you’ll have more resentment when you see that huge bill to replace your garage door! If you’re still on the fence about regular garage door repairs in Nampa, ID, keep reading to see why these repairs matter: Curb appeal matters: Even if you’re not actively trying to sell your... View Article

Should I Repair My Garage Door Before Summer?

April 5, 2019

Now that the flowers are beginning to bloom and the weather is warming up, you might begin to look at that long list of spring cleaning tasks you wrote up. It’s a great idea to tackle cleaning or repair projects now so you can enjoy the lazier summer months feeling good. One area that you might overlook, however, is your garage door. The spring is often an excellent time for garage door repair in Nampa, ID, because winter months can really batter the doors. But on top of repair, there’s a lot more you can do to prep your garage... View Article

The Importance of Photo Eye Sensors on Garage Doors

February 22, 2019

In our decades as a garage door service in Nampa, ID, we’ve installed and serviced more garage doors than we can count. One of the most common questions we face has to do with the photo eye sensor system and how it works to keep you safe. With that in mind, we’ve put this post together to teach you what photo eye sensors are, how they work and the most common issues with their maintenance. How photo eye sensors work Photo eye sensors sit at floor level and tell your garage door when something is beneath it. The way it... View Article

Three Signs Your Garage Door Rollers Need to Be Replaced

January 4, 2019

For many people, their garage door functions essentially like their front door. Most people use their garage as the main entrance to their home. A family of four easily opens and closes their garage door 10 to 15 times per day, which amounts to thousands of times over the course of the year. Despite how much we use our garage doors, we often don’t give them a second thought until something goes wrong. Then, suddenly, we wish we had given our garage door just a little more attention. One of the most common garage door issues is worn or damaged... View Article