Garage Door Trivia: Are You a Garage Door Expert?

Test Your Garage Door Knowledge With Our Fun Garage Door Trivia!

Haney Door Service knows how to get down to business when our Nampa ID customers need garage door service. However, we also believe there’s room to include a little fun into our lives. So today, we’re challenging you with some garage door trivia questions! 

Will you learn how to maintain your garage door or about common garage door safety tips? Not this time, but all that information and more is on our blog! This article is all about those obscure facts that will earn you the side eye from friends and family wondering why in the world you know such random information about garage doors. 

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

Haney Door Service - Garage Door Trivia

6 Garage Door Trivia Questions

Round 1

Who invented the first garage door? 

1. William C. Chamberlain
2. C.G. Johnson
3. Wayne Dalton

How much does the average garage door weigh?

1. 200 pounds
2. 300 pounds
400 pounds

Speaking of size, where is the tallest garage door in the world located?

1. Wolfsburg, Germany
2. Florida, United States
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

So, have any of these garage door trivia questions stumped you, or are you wondering why they’re so easy? If you’re anything like us, finding the answer to one question tends to lead to a rabbit trail of more questions. Instead of following those rabbit trails, though, we’re going to set you on a new path with some different garage door trivia questions and answers.

garage door opener repair
White traditional garage doors with long panels. Haney Door Service

Round 2

How much is the world’s most expensive garage door worth? 
*Hint: A single residential garage door averages between $500 and $2,500. 

1. $10,000
2. $100,000
3. $1,000,000

When was the first remote-controlled garage door opener invented?

1. 1929
2. 1953
3. 1958

What is the most common garage door color?

1. White
2. Black
3. Brown

Garage Door Trivia: You’re a Winner!

Whether you guessed the answers right or not, you learned something new today, so you’re a winner! At Haney Door Services, we love to talk about garage doors. If you have any questions about your garage door or you’re curious about one of these garage door trivia questions, contact our team near Nampa ID!

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