5 Ways Professional Overhead Door Maintenance Benefits Your Business

Improve Business Operations With Professional Overhead Door Maintenance

As a business owner in the Nampa, ID area, your plate is overflowing with responsibilities and action items to take care of on a daily basis. Managing your employees, ensuring satisfied customers, and maintaining your commercial property is a lot to juggle. Haney Door Service wants to help make your job easier by offering professional overhead door maintenance. 

You may ask, ” How will professional overhead door maintenance help me run my business?” And that’s what we’ll answer in this article. Below are five benefits of investing in a regular overhead door maintenance routine. But first, we want to share what’s included in a professional overhead door tune-up.

Professional Overhead Door Maintenance Includes:

  • A thorough visual inspection to help identify dents, rust, misalignments, or wear and tear
  • Lubrication of all hardware, including springs, rollers, and tracks
  • Tightening any loose components such as nuts, bolts, and screws
  • Checking the overhead door’s balance to reduce strain on the operator
  • Adjusting the overhead door springs as needed for the proper amount of tension
  • Testing, inspecting, and adjusting the door operator and safety sensors
  • Ensuring the weatherstripping is intact and able to defend against harsh elements
  • Checking the overhead door’s track alignment and making adjustments as needed
  • Removing dirt, leaves, and other debris from the tracks and rollers
  • Inspecting the electrical system’s wiring and connections to ensure they are secure
  • Detailed documentation, including recommendations for repair, upgrades, and all maintenance performed

The 5 Main Benefits of Professional Overhead Door Maintenance

  1. Avoid downtime and delays.

Overhead door components experience much wear and tear as time goes on. Professional maintenance is a preventative measure taken to ensure these overhead door parts are free of damage and in good working condition. Schedule a yearly tune-up to reduce the risk of an unexpected malfunction that will slow down or even halt normal business operations.

And the best part? With Haney Door Service, you can book an overhead door maintenance appointment during non-operational hours, making your business run even smoother! 

  1. Save time and money.

The preventative nature of maintenance tune-ups provides business owners with a roadmap that indicates upcoming bumps in the road. Our trained technicians will inform you of any parts and accessories that are worn down or need replacement.

Promptly handling these repairs will prevent further damage from occurring, which would cost more time and money in the future. Although we gladly offer 24-hour emergency service near Nampa, ID, we’d rather help you avoid unexpected issues in the first place! 

  1. Increase your business’ energy efficiency.

When all the parts of an overhead door system are in good condition and are properly adjusted, this reduces stress and strain on individual components and saves energy. For example, if your overhead door needs spring repair, the door operator will be forced to overcompensate for the lack of functionality, causing it to work harder, become less energy efficient, and deteriorate prematurely!

Professional overhead door maintenance ensures your door’s seals and weatherstripping are in good condition. These help keep your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter, saving energy and lowering utility costs! 

Interested in learning more about energy-efficient overhead doors? Check out our insulated overhead doors and contact our team for more information!

  1. Stay up to code with local and industry regulations.

With professional door maintenance, we take the guesswork out of whether your overhead door system complies with updated safety standards. All the work completed during a professional overhead door maintenance tune-up is well-documented and easily accessible. 

  1. Improve safety for your employees and customers.

During a tune-up, a professional technician will address potential safety hazards and recommend solutions to improve your business’ working environment. This prevention of accidents and injuries not only builds trust and confidence between you, your workforce, and your customer base, but it also brings you peace of mind, which, as we all know, is a gift in and of itself.

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