Are Garage Door Warranties Worth It?

It might be time to invest in a brand new garage door. You’ll probably shop around for the best model for your home and get a few price comparisons for the garage door, hardware and installation services. Another thing you might be offered is a new garage door warranty. Some companies offer lifetime limited warranties, while others have warranties for a number of years on replacement parts and repairs. As a homeowner, a garage door warranty might be beneficial—just be sure you do your homework before signing anything.

Are garage door warranties worth the money? Here’s some information from a professional garage door service company in Treasure Valley, ID.

Most warranties are limited: What’s covered?

It’s important that you completely understand what the garage door warranty covers. Is your door a brand new installation, or already existing? Keep in mind that every company’s warranty plans will be different from one another—meaning, for example, that one warranty could cover new parts for a couple years, while another might only be in place for up to one year. Ask questions and know what you’re signing:

  • New garage door:
    For the most part, a warranty on a new garage door protects against installation defects—the garage door company will want to guarantee its workmanship. This is to ensure the door is operating the way it should for the life of the warranty. However, if there’s a manufacturer’s warranty, it may cover new parts. Oftentimes, the manufacturer will repair or replace defective parts for one year. Clarify whether both the parts and labor are covered, or just one or the other.
  • Existing garage doors:
    There are several mechanical parts on the door, including the door itself. When used regularly, it’s not unusual for garage door parts to need repairs. Warranties may cover defects in materials, hardware or workmanship (previous repairs or installation made by the company). If a repair is not possible, your warranty might cover a full replacement of the defective part or workmanship at little or no charge.

How long does coverage last?

The company that provided the service should let you know if your warranty begins after installation or when a repair is made. The average labor warranty typically lasts for one year from the date of the part repair or installation. Also, many warranties only apply to the original customer. The warranty may not be transferable to a new homeowner or garage door owner.

A partial service warranty has similar terms as a limited warranty, but typically lasts only 90 days from the date the service is completed.

Know what is and is not covered

For the most part, a garage door warranty applies only to the company that provided the installation services, parts repairs and workmanship or labor. It does not usually cover any materials or workmanship provided by anyone else.

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