Top Benefits of Insulated Residential Garage Doors in Nampa, ID

When it comes to garage doors, many homeowners focus on the physical exterior appearance of the door and not what’s happening on the other side, in the garage space itself. Regardless of whether you use your garage for storage, projects or parking your vehicle, you should consider whether an insulated or non-insulated garage door is best for your home. Here are some characteristics of each:

  • Insulated doors: If you have an insulated garage door, then both your garage space and your house will stay warmer in the winter. Insulated garaged doors are typically quieter because of a polyurethane foam board acting as a noise absorber. Having properly insulated garage walls is also beneficial.
  • Non-insulated doors: A garage door without insulation may leave the space exposed to more extreme temperatures all year round. Noise is another downside of non-insulated garage doors. Their single-layer metal panels make them louder, rattling and creaking every time the door goes up or down.

So, should you purchase and install an insulated or non-insulated home garage door? That all depends on what you want, the area where you live and any known natural threats, such as weather, animals and insects. In the meantime, here are the top benefits of investing in insulated residential garage doors in Nampa, ID

Energy savings

Everyone wants to save energy, especially since it saves money on monthly utility bills. While most energy saving tips have to do with the inside of your home, you mustn’t overlook another regularly used space of your property: the garage. Attached garages typically have a door leading into the house, and some have additional living space above them. Air that gets through the garage door brings outdoor temperatures in with it, but a properly insulated garage door can stop this from happening and help you save energy in the process. Is the garage itself not insulated? As long as the door is insulated, you’ll still feel a huge difference in any adjacent spaces in your house.


Insulated garage doors are more durable than doors lacking insulation, which is a huge benefit. All insulated garage doors are constructed differently from non-insulated, single-layer garage doors, which makes them incredibly strong. This makes sense, since your door has to go through a lot on any given day. It needs to have the strength to stand up to things like kids and pets playing around it, cars bumping into it and lawn equipment rolling into it. What makes insulated garage doors extra strong is their frames. Insulated doors are made with either an aluminum or steel frame filled with solid-core insulation that gets sandwiched between single or dual steel panels.

Noise dampening

Insulation keeps inside air from escaping, thus helping to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. In your garage, an insulated door does something similar, while also keeping a majority of outside noise from entering the home. Of course, the noise dampening abilities of an insulated door may not be the most important factor to most homeowners, but it is still a wonderful benefit!

For more information about insulated or non-insulated residential garage doors in Nampa, ID, reach out to the team at Haney Door Service. We look forward to assisting you!

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