Anatomy Lesson of a Garage Door in Nampa, ID: The Brain

Your garage door system is a complex machine that’s made up of many different pieces that all must work in harmony for the door to function properly and safely. Though each component plays a vital role in opening and closing your garage door, its circuit board (also known as a logic board or “the brain”) is one of the most important parts. This post will cover what you need to know about “the brain” of your garage door in Nampa, ID, and what you need to do if it stops working!

What does the circuit board do?

The circuit board houses a radio frequency receiver, which is what picks up the frequency emitted by your remote control. Without a working circuit board, your clicker wouldn’t fully open or close the door. Clicking the open/close button on your remote would have no effect if the circuit board is totally broken. If it’s only partially damaged, the door might open or close about halfway before stopping. In either scenario, your garage door won’t do much good if the brain isn’t fully operational.

I think my circuit board is broken—now what?

There are a couple of different reasons why your clicker might not work to open or close your garage door in Nampa, ID. The first reason (and the one that’s easiest to remedy) would be because the batteries are dead. If you swap out the batteries and it still isn’t working, the issue is with some component of your garage door, and it could very well be a problem with the circuit board.

Since there are a variety of things that may cause a door to not open or close, your best option is to call a specialist to come out and take a look at your door. One of our pros will quickly be able to identify the true source of the problem, and either repair or replace the broken component.

If we determine that the cause of your garage door’s woes is, in fact, the circuit board, we’ll try to repair it first. Fixing a damaged circuit board isn’t necessarily the hardest thing to do—you just need the right tools and a little bit of experience! In fact, there are plenty of videos online that purport to show you how to do it. However, we advise against going the DIY route—messing with the circuit board could lead to disaster and might necessitate replacement.

After you let our pros take a look at your circuit board, we’ll try our best to fix it to ensure it receives the signal from your remote control once again. If we can’t repair it, though, we’ll need to replace it. Replacing your circuit board isn’t the cheap option, but upgrading it with a new one ensures that you shouldn’t run into any problems down the road.

When it comes to garage doors, nobody knows more than Haney Door Service. From new installation to all sorts of different repairs, we do it all. Give us a call today to learn more about all of our services or to schedule repair for your garage door in Nampa, ID.

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