How the Sun Eats Away at Your Garage Door

Summer is known as the season of home improvement—it’s the perfect time of year to invest in big, new changes for your living space. Whether you’re improving your front yard or slapping a new coat of paint on the walls, there’s no shortage of exciting projects to work on in the summer months.

However, the summertime can also be hard on some of the most important components of your home, like your garage door. The sun can have an adverse impact on your garage door and its effectiveness, and intense summer storms may spell trouble for your garage’s exterior. If you’re experiencing any issues with your garage door this summer season, or if you’re concerned about your garage door’s ability to withstand the heat, you should seek out the assistance of a qualified professional specializing in garage door repair in Nampa, ID.

Here are just some of the ways that the summertime weather may adversely affect your home’s garage door:


Chances are, your garage door gets lots of direct sunshine in the summer season. This sunshine can cause the color and appearance of your garage door to fade, leaving you with an ugly, worn-out garage door that will reduce your home’s curb appeal. Regularly replacing or repainting your garage door is the best way to combat fading.

Lack of Electricity

In many places, summer brownouts are common. Additionally, thunderstorms can leave you without power for hours on end. This means that you should know how to operate your garage door manually, in case it isn’t working in the summertime. Additionally, you should invest in a battery backup.

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Humidity can cause rust to form on the rails of your garage door and prevent it from operating smoothly. Ensure that all of the moving parts of your garage door are thoroughly lubricated during hot, humid weather.

Extreme Interior Heat

If it becomes too hot inside your garage, it might cause parts of your garage door to warp, and it may even fry certain electrical components necessary for its safe operation. Make sure that your garage is thoroughly ventilated to prevent heat from accumulating inside.

Sunshine on Sensors

Depending on their positioning, your garage door sensors may be positioned with direct sunlight shining into them. This can prevent the garage door from operating when you need it to. It could also pose a serious safety risk. Consider purchasing blinders to reduce the amount of direct sun exposure and glare entering your garage door sensors.

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