How Long Does Garage Door Installation Take?

After you have selected your new garage door, your next step is determining when to have it installed. To make sure you are able to schedule the most convenient time for your installation, it will be helpful to know how much time you will need to set aside that day. Fortunately, your local garage door repair company in Nampa, ID is here to give you an idea of how long your brand-new installation or garage door replacement might take.

How Long New Garage Door Installation Takes

The size of the garage door you have selected will be one of the largest determining factors in how long your specific installation will take. A new installation, although complex, is much more straightforward than a replacement, and experienced technicians can typically complete the entire process from start to finish in under three hours.

The time of year in which you choose to have your door installed could also play a role, as weather can sometimes have an effect on how quickly the job can be completed. Particularly cold or warm conditions could potentially complicate the installation.

How Long Garage Door Replacement Takes

A garage door replacement usually takes about three to four hours and is more labor-intensive than a new installation because the existing door will need to be removed first. However, if the existing wiring and bracketing are still in good enough condition to be used with the replacement door, a bit of time might be shaved off the job.

On the other hand, when the track and cabling need to be replaced, or the new garage door has specifications that differ from your existing system, expect for the replacement to take longer. Replacing the springs alone can take up to an hour, as it is very important to make sure this step of the process is completed correctly. Because of the amount of tension that is needed in the springs to support the weight of the doors, this step can be especially dangerous, and a great deal of care must be taken to do it right the first time.

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How Availability Impacts Your Timeline

The total length of the garage door installation process will also include how long it takes to gather all of the necessary materials for the job. If you are ordering a custom door that is not available locally, it could take up to three weeks to receive the door before the installation can even begin. If your door is in stock, it is possible that you could have your garage door installed on the same day, depending upon the availability of your contractor.

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