Tips for Making Your Garage Door Opener More Quietly

There’s little worse than hearing the shrill squeaking or loud thudding of a garage door opening—especially late at night or early in the morning. And, because of how complex garage door systems can be, it’s not always easy to tell what is causing the loud noises every time your garage door opens and closes.

An extremely noisy garage door opener isn’t normal. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can attempt to make your garage door opener operate more quietly on your own. If these don’t bring you the results you want, you may need to consult a professional about garage door repair in Nampa, ID.

Tighten Nuts and Bolts

If your garage door is making more banging and clanging sounds, some nuts and bolts throughout the system might be loose, allowing the door to move more than it should.

Check all of the nuts, bolts, and screws throughout the door and opener systems to ensure they are in place and tightened appropriately.

Lubricate Metal Parts

The torsion spring system on your garage door has a lot of metallic components that might rub together, causing headache-inducing, high-pitched squealing noises. You can usually remedy this by lubricating the metal with an appropriate substance like motor oil. Apply lubricant to all the metal parts and wipe any excess off with a rag.

If you have a metal chain on your garage door opener, you can lubricate that and the pinions, as well. This tends to be another source of noise.

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Install Noise Insulation

The spaces between the motor block and its brace system on the ceiling can allow for a lot of noise, too. Installing thin rubber pieces in between these areas can create a buffer or noise insulator that minimizes the sounds your garage door opener makes.

If you aren’t sure how to do this safely or securely, a professional can help you with the installation.

Bring in a Professional

If no amount of inspection, lubrication, or tightening screws help to make your garage door quieter, you might want to consider hiring a professional for garage door repair in Nampa, ID. A garage door expert can inspect your door system more thoroughly to find the root of the noise problem. You can trust them to fix any problems they might find, including worn rollers or broken parts.

If everything appears to be in order, they might even be able to replace certain systems, such as the rollers or extension springs, with newer parts that are known for being quieter. Although all garage doors will make some noise, certain garage door opener systems are much less noisy than others.

Let Our Experts Give You a Quiet Garage Door!

At Haney Door Service, our experts work hard to make your garage door look and operate like new. We are known for our top-notch garage door repair in Nampa, ID, but we can also handle garage door installation and replacement, garage door opener installation, and garage door part replacement.

Whether you need to replace worn rollers with nylon ones or require insulation installation to quiet your noisy garage door, our staff will provide excellent service at a reasonable and competitive price. Call us today for a free estimate!

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