Add Value to Your Home with a New Garage Door in Nampa, ID

The garage door takes up a huge part of the façade of your home. It should come as no surprise that the appearance of the garage door can make or break a home’s first impression, but it can also have a tremendous influence on the property value. Unfortunately, the garage is often neglected until it comes time to sell the home. Some buyers won’t even consider looking at the inside of a home after they drive up to a house with an old and broken garage door.

Fortunately, installing a new, high quality garage door can add value to the property and give the home an added boost of attractiveness that could lure potential buyers. Here’s a closer look at how a new garage door in Nampa, ID will add value to your home.

More curb appeal

Installing a new garage door can be a much more impactful upgrade than repainting the kitchen or replacing the lights. Choose a garage door color that complements the home’s color scheme for a cohesive look. Another option is to paint the garage door a bold color to really make a statement. Your garage door specialist will be able to help you find unique panel styles that match the overall aesthetic of your home. These improvements to the exterior will attract buyers to the outside, and inevitably draw them in.

Increased investment return

Installing a new garage door pays off—literally. A garage door is one of the few home improvement projects where the seller is likely to actually recoup the full cost of the upgrade.

Better security

An old garage door is a huge safety risk. Burglars love older garage doors because they are easy targets. They can easily open the garage manually or use a scrambled opener to get access. Newer models, meanwhile, are packed with several safety and security features, such as safety sensors and auto-reverse mechanisms that will automatically stop the door from closing if a child or pet gets in the way. A prospective homebuyer will expect these up-to-date features.

Energy efficiency

An insulated garage door will pay off year after year by lowering monthly energy bills. The insulation will prevent the cold outside air from entering the home, while also keeping the warm air produced by the heater inside. This is especially important for garages that are attached to the home. Select a garage door that has an R-value of at least 11 for the best insulation.

Replacing the garage door is the smart choice

Forget painting the bathroom—it’s clear that installing a new garage door is one of the best upgrades for boosting the overall value of your property. Not only will it improve your property value, but it will also enhance your curb appeal and help keep the home safe and secure. Ready to start shopping for a new garage door? Then call the garage door experts at Haney Door Service. Our family-owned and operated business has specialized in garage doors in Nampa, ID for more than 30 years. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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