Comparing the Types of Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener is probably something you don’t think about much until it doesn’t work. At that point it’s a huge hassle and involves bringing in the professionals. Ultimately, you want a garage door opener that always works and is mechanically sound. When you don’t have that, then you’ll need experts in garage door repair in Nampa, ID, like Haney Door Service. We’re always here to deal with all your garage door needs. A good place to start is by installing the right garage door for your home and your habits. Below is a closer look at the three main types of garage door openers and what you should consider before having one installed.


This is the most common residential garage door opener, and you’ve probably seen dozens of them. The trusty chain drive door uses a chain to pull and push a trolley that moves the door up and down. These are affordable and reliable, which is why they’ve become the standard in the industry. At the same time, many people don’t like the noise that comes along with a chain-operated door. That’s why they’re typically used on detached garages, so that the whole house doesn’t have to hear it every time the door goes up or down.


This style of garage door is specifically for people who are looking for a quieter door. That’s why owners of attached garages have often chosen belt drive doors. However, it’s worth noting that these doors are more expensive than their chain counterparts.


This type of door opener uses a rotating threaded steel rod that moves the trolley and in turn opens or closes the door. This doesn’t have many parts, so the maintenance across the door opener’s lifetime is less than with other options. But it is also noisier than a belt drive, so if you have many vehicles going in and out, it might not be the best choice.

No matter which style of door you choose, it’s important to have it installed safely by a professional. You also want to make sure that the door is free of obstructions so that you don’t accidentally close it on something, which may break the garage door opener.

Finding the right garage door opener service

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