How Weatherization Affects Your Garage Doors in Nampa, ID

The garage door usually doesn’t attract a lot of attention. It isn’t typically decked out with Christmas lights during the holiday season, and it’s seldom admired when the exterior of the home gets a new paint job. But the garage door is actually an important part of the system that protects your home and keeps it warm. The garage door, assisted by effective weatherization, helps maintain a warm temperature during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget just how important weatherization is until they notice their electric bills have skyrocketed.

Weatherization is well worth the upgrade considering the benefits and cost savings. Here are just a few of the ways weatherization affects your garage doors in Nampa, ID.

Why weatherize the garage door?

The garage door is one of the most vulnerable points on a residential home. Typically, a basic garage door is so weak that air can pass through easily and bring the temperature of the garage in line with what it is outdoors. This only gets worse during the winter months. Any weatherization measures will help keep the garage warmer and, as a result, keep the whole house warmer. It’s next to impossible to tell the difference between weatherized and non-weatherized garage doors from the outside.

How is weatherization done?

The most common weatherization technique is to add a seal along the bottom of the garage door. The flexible seal is designed to prevent any air from leaking in or out. The seal can easily be switched out or replaced as needed. Your garage door specialist can help you determine the right seal for your door or advise when it’s time for a replacement. Another option is to upgrade to an insulated garage door. The increased thermal boundary adds warmth to the house and renders the door practically airtight, eliminating the likelihood of the air slipping out. Additionally, homeowners should inspect the garage regularly for any air gaps. Seal off any you discover immediately.

Is it worth it?

Consumers can save up to 30 percent on their energy bill simply by weatherizing their home and garage, according to studies by the U.S. Department of Energy. Insulation is effective at keeping the garage space warmer than the outside. Plus, the heater won’t have to work as hard to maintain the set temperature, which will help to cut back on wear and tear.

Weatherization can also help your car. A car will fare better overnight in an insulated garage, free from the threat of rain and cold. The addition of insulation will also create a safe storage place suitable for storing items like books, mementos, photo albums and other temperature- and moisture-sensitive items.

Garage door weatherization is best left to the professionals, and the team at Haney Door Service is here to help. Our experienced and reliable garage door experts will inspect your garage doors in Nampa, ID for any problem areas before making recommending the best way to protect the garage. Call us today for a free estimate!

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