How Can I Prepare My Garage Door for the Winter?

Regular, year-round home maintenance is the key to a comfortable home life—especially before winter arrives. This includes preparing the garage to take on harsh winter weather conditions to avoid having to pay for costly repair needs down the road. Imagine getting into your car, then having nothing happen when you click the remote for the garage door opener. While it’s easy to replace dead batteries in the remote, a mechanical malfunction is a more complex problem that may require the help of a professional garage door technician.

Realizing you need garage door repair in Nampa, ID in the middle of winter can be frustrating, and possibly expensive depending on the severity of the damage. Here’s how you can prepare your garage door for the winter months during fall:

5 Ways to Get Your Garage Door Ready for Winter

1. Inspect the Door, Inside, and Outside

This first step is fairly simple. Take a few minutes to thoroughly inspect your garage door—both inside and outside—for wear or damage. It helps to do this when the sun it out so you can see if any light is getting in through busted seals or the surface of the door itself.

2. Lubricate Moving Parts

Moisture and cold winter weather can cause garage door tracks, rollers, hinges and springs to stick. When this happens, your garage door cannot open and close as it should. Your best bet for avoiding this is to use an oil-based lubricant on all metal moving parts. Be sure to evenly coat all parts, then use a cloth to wipe away excess lubricant before it drips onto the garage floor.

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3. Fix Seals and Weather-Stripping

The further we get into fall and winter, the more the outdoor temperature drops. Weather shifts occur, and before you know it, it’s snowing and bitterly cold outside. So, another key garage door step is to fix or replace the door’s weather-stripping, which is meant to prevent moisture and cold air from seeping inside. Weather-stripping around the frame and bottom of the door that’s loose, cracked, brittle or otherwise damaged needs to be repaired or replaced.

4. Clean and Check the Tracks

A large number of the calls received by garage door companies for garage door repair in Nampa, ID are directly related to issues with the tracks. Perhaps the tracks are squeaking or rattling, or they’re broken. Clean the tracks by using a vacuum nozzle attachment to remove debris, then wipe the outer areas with a damp cloth. To test your tracks, stand outside and watch the door go up and down a few times. Listen for strange sounds and watch for unusual movement.

5. Schedule an Inspection

Scheduling an annual professional garage door inspection and maintenance appointment helps prevent small problems from turning into more serious mechanical issues.

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Haney Door Service is the place to call whenever you need garage door repair in Nampa, ID. We can repair broken torsion springs, fix garage door openers and solve issues with an array of physical parts. Call us today to schedule a service appointment—we look forward to assisting you!

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