Is Your Garage Door Prepared for the Upcoming Freeze?

Nobody wants to have to deal with a major garage door repair in Nampa, ID in the middle of winter. But if it needs to be done, you shouldn’t put it off. Waiting too long to make repairs can result in further damage to your door or new problems with other garage door components. Homeowners can do some repairs themselves, but for the sake of your safety and your budget, leave the bigger problems to a professional.

How prepared is your garage door for the upcoming freeze? Here are seven tips to help protect your garage door this winter:

1. Clear Debris

Before winter storms hit, be sure to deal with debris that has accumulated on the outside of your garage door and on the inside tracks. Clearing debris can prevent damage caused by rust, corrosion, or clogged hinges, all of which contribute to causing the door to malfunction. Accumulated leaves and other tree debris on the outer side of your garage door can also keep the door from opening.

2. Fix Ceiling Issues

Inspect the ceilings inside your garage for cracks and fractures—especially the ceiling adjacent to any garage windows. If you don’t, rain and snow can be blown in by the wind, wreaking havoc on the inside of your garage. This can also affect the window frames of your garage door, causing them to loosen or even leading to issues with the window glass itself.

3. Inspect the Door

You should be observing the door every time it opens and closes for any inconsistencies with speed or noise. Test the door a couple of times in winter to ensure proper function.

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4. Replace Remote Batteries

Just like you change the batteries in your home’s smoke detectors a couple of times a year, plan to replace the batteries in your garage door remote controls this winter. Replace batteries that are dead or weak to ensure there’s enough power to open and close the door without multiple clicks.

5. Check the Weather Stripping

The weather stripping at the bottom of your garage door should be checked for damage, including cracks, fractures, breaks, and fissures. In some cases, most or all of the weather stripping may even be missing. Replace or repair problem seals immediately, or you risk cold rain and winter snow getting inside. Another reason to replace old weather stripping is to prevent energy waste.

6. Lubricate Moving Parts

Once the moving parts of your garage door system are cleaned, it’s time to lubricate them. While it’s important to lubricate moving parts every winter, make sure you don’t overdo it and inadvertently cause a grease buildup. Too much-collected grease can accelerate the rate of wear and tear on the door’s moving parts, so wipe off any excess lubricant from hinges, rollers, or tracks using a cloth and a mixture of soap and water.

7. Add Garage Door Insulation

Garage doors made of steel should be insulated. The best insulation material for the job is made of fiberglass backed with foil (batt insulation).

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