Can I Replace the Springs on My Garage Door Myself?

Residential garage door springs will break eventually. If you are nearby when they break, you’ll know it – there will be the thunderous sound of giant metal springs snapping. Or, someone may soon discover broken springs when they click the garage door opener and the door doesn’t open.

At first glance, garage door springs may look like they’re easy to work with, but can you fix a broken one yourself? Technically, you can, but the better question is, should you fix it yourself? This depends on your experience with door springs and the type of springs (extension or torsion).

Avoid These 5 Garage Door Spring Repair Mistakes

If you have some experience replacing springs and you decide to replace them yourself, be careful, or risk having to spring for expensive garage door repair in Nampa, ID. Do what you can to avoid making the following costly garage door spring mistakes:

1. Winding Springs with a Screwdriver

Garage door springs are not your average springs. When it comes to garage doors and openers, the specialty springs installed must be large, hefty, and strong enough to smoothly pull the door up and down. That said, you cannot wind a garage door torsion spring yourself if you don’t own the required tool: a winding bar. Using the wrong tool, such as a screwdriver, to attempt to wind a torsion spring is a huge mistake. A spring wrapped around a screwdriver can spin dangerously out of control.

2. Winding the Spring Incorrectly

Another concern is winding the torsion spring too loosely or tightly. There’s a specific formula that lets you know how many times to wind it. Professionals trained in garage door repair in Nampa, ID are experts at this calculation, while most homeowners aren’t. What happens when DIY-ers try to do this is that they either over-wind or under-wind the torsion spring. This will eventually ruin the garage door opener or cause damage to other components.

3. Buying the Wrong Springs

Purchasing and installing the wrong garage door springs puts you and the garage door at risk. Keep in mind that even though you have the wrong springs, they can still install correctly. The door, however, will not function properly. Soon, the wrong springs will destroy the garage door opener.

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4. Removing the Bottom Bracket

Many people new to repairing garage door springs close the door before working on it. You don’t want it to fall down on you, but this means the springs will need to be stretched in order to install them. If the door is shut from the start, then the springs will twist or extend dangerously. A closed door, on the other hand, allows the springs to be free of tension. Without the proper training, you may not know this important garage door spring repair detail. 

5. Not Using Vice Grips

You may want to work on garage door extension springs with the garage door up. If you do, be sure to use clamp vice grips on the door. These protect you and prevent the door from falling and breaking the door and windows.

Contact Us for Garage Door Spring Repair

If the process of repairing a garage door spring sounds complicated and dangerous, you’re right – it is. Rather than attempting a DIY job that might take a horrible turn, contact the team at Haney Door Service if you’re in need of any kind of garage door repair in Nampa, ID. Get in touch anytime to learn more about how we can serve you! We have been serving the local area with garage door spring repair and replacement for over 30 years so we can provide the best service to you.

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