Common Sources of Damage to Garage Doors During the Wintertime

With the winter months come cold temperatures, and weather changes are notorious for creating problems for homeowners—for example, garage door issues. Here’s a list of the most common types of garage door repair in Nampa, ID caused by cold weather and how to prevent winter damage.

Wintertime Garage Door Problems

Cold, wet weather can wreak havoc on garage doors. From rust and corrosion to frozen hardware and electrical issues, the professionals have seen it all:

Water Damage

Old garage doors—especially those made of wood—often experience a range of problems in the winter, including water damage. Water, moisture, and precipitation are any garage door’s worst enemy, which is why you need to know what to watch out for. When a door frame swells, the space between the door and the frame closes up, causing them to rub against one another. The door may stick in place, unable to open or close.

Frozen Door

Water can accumulate and freeze at the bottom of your garage door. Even the thinnest layer of ice can seal a door shut, making it difficult for the opener to work. If you try opening the door manually, and this doesn’t work either, you can chip at the ice or attempt to melt it with hot water. Sweeping away water and snow from the base of the door can prevent the door from freezing in place.

Damaged Weather Stripping

A frozen garage door leads to problems with weather stripping. If the weather stripping on the bottom of the garage door gets wet in winter, the water can freeze and leave the door stuck to the ground. When you open the door, the strip may peel and lose its ability to properly insulate your garage interior.

Broken Springs

The colder the temperatures, the more likely the door springs will break. Cold winter weather can cause springs to go stiff and brittle, then break under the weight of the door.

Contracting Metal Components

If one garage door part is not functioning properly, the entire system can shut down. This becomes a more serious issue in the winter when the cold temperatures make metal contract. Springs, screws, tracks, and other parts can break or jam your door, so make sure the metal components of your garage door system stay lubricated throughout the year.

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Winter Maintenance Tips for Damage Prevention

Preventative maintenance is the key to a long-lasting garage door. That being said, plan inspections, repairs, and more this winter:

Inspections and Maintenance

It’s a good idea to thoroughly inspect and maintain your garage door and opener each season, particularly during the winter. Check the condition of the door and hardware, test the door, and keep the bottom of the door clear of water.

Add Lubrication

Cold winters call for regular lubrication checks. Too little lubrication is not good, but neither is too much lubrication.

Garage Door Replacement

Garage doors that cannot be repaired should be replaced before winter arrives.

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